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Well Hello There
We’re FomoCollabs

The tool made by influencers for influencers!

Our Quest

Our mission at FomoCollabs is to upend the way influencers manage the work they take on by unleashing a game-changing platform that turns tackling influencers’ biggest challenges into a joyride – because who says revolution can’t be a blast?

Our Journey

We have been in the affiliate industry for over a decade. As fellow influencers, we understand the epic battle of swimming through an ocean of emails, battling through never-ending negotiations, and batting away offers that wouldn’t even stir a dozing fox. That’s why we decided to use our experience to whip up a high-tech influencer marketing platform that turns this wild ride into a delightful dance!

To craft a game-changing solution, we embarked on an extensive research expedition, engaging with hundreds of influencers to delve into the depths of their experiences and identify the pain-points that hinder their creative prowess. We conducted in-depth interviews with influencers from diverse niches and through these candid conversations, we gained profound insights into the intricate web of challenges they face in managing collaborations, tracking pending projects, and navigating the dynamic world of digital partnerships.

Our Methodology

We delved beyond surface-level observations, actively involving influencers in the entire developmental process. By attentively listening to their narratives, we not only identified the pain-points hindering their creative flow but also collaborated closely with them. This hands-on approach allowed us to integrate influencers’ feedback seamlessly, making iterative changes to the software at every stage of development. From addressing the hassle of tracking down pending collaborations to navigating the complexities of communication within a rapidly evolving industry, our engagement with influencers became an integral part of uncovering intricacies that demanded innovative solutions.